Become an Instructor, Captain or Teacher

Initial Training

Your Initial Training is your first destination on the road to becoming LES MILLS qualified. Depending on what course you undertake, training can be either two or three days. Whatever the case, the days are jam-packed with practical, theoretical and interactive modules that will teach you, well...how to teach!

LES MILLS training is a proven teaching method which over 100,000 LES MILLS instructors worldwide use to deliver programs to millions of members every week.

There are no pre-requisites to attending training, just a passion for your program and to ensure the best results you will have attended at least 20 sessions of your chosen program, if possible.

Please note, cut-off date for each module is two weeks prior to the training date.


LES MILLS Certification, recognised world-wide, is your stamp of integrity as a LES MILLS Instructor, Captain or Teacher. Post Initial Training you are considered a trainee, and it is only once you have completed Certification that you are fully qualified. Certification is achieved by filming one of your classes or GRIT™ sessions for assessment. There are two ways in which you can gain your Certification:

  1. Filmed Certification (included in the cost of your initial training if completed within 12 months)
  2. AIM 1 (minimum of 6-months teaching experience required. Please note that AIM 1 incurs an additional cost).

Q: Which release can I send for Certification?
A: Class filmed must be filmed on either of the two latest releases at the time of being received by LMAP. No mixing must be full format with no editing. Class must be a press record and go situation.  If any part of the class or track portion is missing, please refilm. Part tracks or part class will not be accepted.

Q: What formats are acceptable?
A: USB, DVD. Please ensure your submission can be read via VLC media player, or via a DVD player. Visual and sound must be clear and filming must be from a 45 deg angle to capture all physicality. Certifications filmed directly front on or directly side on run the risk of not being assessed.

Q: Is there a cost for Certification?
A: If your submission arrives with LMAP more than 12 months from initial training a $50 fee is payable.  Download the registration form here

Q; Where do I send my submission?
A: Within Australia, send it to:
Les Mills Asia Pacific, Certifications Department, PO BOX 3998, Manuka, ACT 2603, AUSTRALIA                                                          

From outside Australia, send it to:
Les Mills Asia Pacific, Certifications Department, 36 Thesiger Court, Deakin, ACT 2600, AUSTRALIA

Q: How long will it take to receive my results?
A: If sending in your filmed certification to the office, you can expect to receive your results via mail within 4-6 weeks of delivery to LMAP. Please note that for privacy purposes results are not given over the phone. If you do not receive your results within 6 weeks, please contact the LMAP office.

If you include certification into your AIM1 training, you will receive communication from LMAP HQ the following week as to the outcome of your Certification.
Please note certification is not awarded just for attending the AIM1 training. Instructors looking to be certified via the AIM1 training are assessed throughout the course of the module. If unsuccessful, Instructors have the opportunity to gain certification by resitting the AIM1 module, or filming and sending a video certification as per current Video Certification guidelines.

Once Certified you will receive your LES MILLS certificate in the mail and gain 15 CECs.

Please contact the Certifications Department if you require further assistance.

Advanced Instructor Module 1

AIM 1 is a full day of training that will take your technique and coaching to the next level. As well as being immersed in the program essence you will hone your technique through insightful drills and your coaching delivery will be explored with scripting and feedback sessions. By the end of the day you will know how to deliver the promise of the workout each and every time you teach as you are well on your way to Advanced Instructor status.

It is recommended that you have been teaching your chosen program for at least 6 months  prior to attending AIM 1 due to the advanced content. On successful completion you will gain 6 CECs and be eligible to attend AIM 2. AIM 1 is also a method of Certification.

Advanced Instructor Module 2

AIM 2 is two full days of training where you will master the 5-key elements of Les Mills Instruction. Using them in a holistic way, you will experience the thrill of teaching to a packed room and becoming a rock-star Instructor. The key outcomes of the Advanced Instructor Module 2 are:

  • Deepening your connection with what you teach and why you teach it
  • Consistently producing great experiences for your classes and for yourself
  • Maintaining the leading edge in group fitness instruction
  • Maintaining your teaching career without burning out.

On completion of AIM 2 you will gain 15 CECs and receive your Advanced Instructor certificate.

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Group Exercise Leader

Group Exercise Leader (GEL) is a fast and affordable pathway for your Group Fitness career after you've attended and passed an initial training. GEL will accredit you to instruct LES MILLS programs and is endorsed by Fitness Australia. Upon completion you will have achieved the following competencies from the Certificate III in Fitness (SIS30310):

  • Provide quality service in the fitness industry (SISFFIT302A)
  • Follow occupational health and safety policies (SISXOHS101A)
  • Prepare and lead a group exercise class (modified from SISFFIT309A)
  • Deliver approved community exercise classes (modified from SISFFIT311A)
  • Apply a basic understanding of anatomy and physiology principles in a group exercise context (modified from SISFFIT305A).

To be eligible for the GEL qualification, instructors must hold a current Apply First Aid Certificate (or Senior First Aid), have achieved a pass in at least one Les Mills video certification and completed the online exam.
Once all the above components are completed, GEL qualification can then be awarded.
Upon successful completion of all aspects of GEL, you will then be able to register with Fitness Australia as a 'Pre-Choreographed Group Exercise Leader'.

Please remember that the copy of your Current Apply First Aid Certificate must be signed by a Justice of the Peace. 

For more information on studying with LES MILLS please see our Student Handbook

Register for GEL

Please note that LES MILLS does not offer First Aid courses; providers include St Johns, Red Cross, Reviva and Parasol

GEL applies to Australia only



Held between three and four times per year, Workshops are conducted across the country where you will preview and participate in the new program releases and pick up your new release music kits. In addition to experiencing the latest releases as showcased by the LES MILLS Asia Pacific Presenter team, you will also receive the latest information and innovations on your program, plus earn CEC points if you attend the Generic Education Session (where applicable; eligible for 1 CEC point) and pass the online CEC exam afterwards (optional; eligible for 2 CEC points).

You must register for Quarterly Workshops before the cut-off date for each workshop. Workshop dates and locations are posted each quarter in the weeks leading up to the workshop period. These events are for trained Les Mills instructors only.

Management Seminars

LES MILLS Seminars are designed to provide insight on current and future industry trends, best practices and consumer behaviour. Topics range from developing instructors to mastery, to creating the best timetable to pull more members and engage current members, to the future of fitness and how to remain competitive in this ever changing industry.

Whether you are a Club Owner, Club Manager, Sales Manager, PT Manager or Group Fitness Manager we have the insights to help get you ahead of the game.